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Carpet in San Antonio, TX

Carpet is a popular flooring option that’s diverse and adaptable. A carpet can complement nearly any room. At Atlas Floors Carpet One Floor & Home in San Antonio, TX our flooring experts are here to help. Using our unique Select-A-Floor™ system exclusive to Carpet One, our professionals will help you find affordable carpet.


What Are Carpet Fibers?


Carpet brings a wide range of colors, textures, and styles, making it your home’s canvas. Your favorite décor and design elements flow naturally with carpet, creating your ideal living space. All carpet is made using synthetic or natural fibers, also called “carpet pile.”


Understanding the Different Types of Carpet


There are three main types of carpet today, cut-pile, loop pile, and cut-loop carpets. Each type of carpet has a unique construction.


Where to Install Carpet?


Depending on the type of fiber, carpet can be installed in many spaces of your home. Carpet is best for areas like living rooms and bedrooms, because of its softness underfoot. Stain resistant carpet can be installed in hallways and high traffic areas. Pet-proof and waterproof carpets are great for spaces prone to accidents. Kitchens and bathrooms aren’t ideal for carpet due to the frequent moisture exposure.


Carpet For Your Stairs


Carpeted stair runners make a significant difference in your home’s appearance, function, and safety enhancement. They protect your hard surface flooring from everyday damages while preventing slips and falls.


We can create the perfect area rug or stair runner via our comprehensive inventory of carpet and carpet remnants, along with made-to-order solutions. Any type of carpet can be installed on stairways. Our carpet experts can help you manage your home in safety and style, customizing a stair runner to your precise specifications.


Customized stair runners will instantly fortify your space, making your daily comings and goings much safer for everyone. Since it’s currently commonplace for grandparents to live alongside their youngest family members, making your stairs softer is a win-win for everyone.


Discover Our Carpet Selection


Stop by one of our showrooms in San Antonio, TX and see all our available carpet options. From exclusive brands like Relax… its Lee’s® and Tigressá® to familiar brands you know and love, we have them all.



Learn More About Carpet

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Caring for Your Carpet


Carpet cleaning doesn't have to be complicated. Here's an easy guide to keeping your rugs good as new.