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Carpet Padding

When many homeowners go to re-carpet their homes they pay attention to some 'old wives' tales'. There has been a rumor that has run amok for years that if you purchase cheap carpeting you can make it appear and feel more expensive by installing thicker, softer carpet padding. This is not the purpose of your carpeting under layer at all.


The purpose of carpet padding is to extend the life of your new carpet. If, like in the example above, you have really think padding installed, in time the carpeting will pull away from the tacks around the room. The carpet industry does not recommend a padding more than ½ inch. Carpeting and padding complement each other. If you can afford only so much on the total job, make your selection so the padding is the same quality as your carpet. Having a more expensive padding does not mean it will make your inexpensive carpet last that much longer.



Type of carpet padding



Many homeowners think carpet cushioning is used for the purpose of comfort under foot. While this is an upshot of the use of carpet padding, the main reason for carpet cushioning is to absorb impact under conditions that the carpet would be subjected. This force can make synthetic latex break down, backings to lose elasticity, separation of the primary backing from the secondary backing and needless stress on the face fiber. The best carpet cushion may provide less comfort under foot but it will extend the durability of the installation by absorbing the wear and tear.


There are several types of carpet padding and your sales profession can show them all to you and give you the pros and cons of each. While waffle rubber cushioning has been around for years and progress has been made in updating the content and durability. If you are looking at urethane foam, ask your sales professional if it has the density you need.


The most popular carpet cushioning on the market today is bonded urethane. There is one thing to watch for. Manufacturers use a chemical compound called Bht. Is it totally safe and is used in some foods. The problem is that it can cause yellowing of your carpet. You do need some DIY cleaning with vinegar prior to having your carpets professionally cleaned because the stains could be set in permanently. Better yet, request bonded urethane without Bht.


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