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Terracotta Tiles

For those who want to update their homes to have more of a Southwestern or Spanish Mission flavor, nothing does the trick quicker than terracotta tiles. Not all the tiles are the traditional red clay. Some can be purchased in the most amazing designs, colors and motifs.


Real terracotta does not hold up well in high moisture areas and you do have to keep it sealed. It can be used outside for patios and porches, but it does not do well in freezing temperatures. On a cost basis, genuine terra cotta tiles can cost less than other tiles. The authentic material is mold resistant and halts bacterial growth.



Pros and Cons of Terracotta



Up until the 14 th century, terra cotta was the only form of ceramic made by Western and pre-Columbian people. The clay was abundant and it served many purposes. If you have ever walked into an un-air conditioned home during the summer you will have noticed that the tile floors were much cooler than the ambient temperature. Clay tiles can have a cooling effect in the summer and hold warmth in during the winter. Just look at all the clay ovens that are still in use today.


On the downside – if you consider it a downside – genuine terracotta does require professional installation.


If you want a terracotta look but are afraid of the maintenance issues there are many ceramic tiles that are made to look like terracotta in color and in shape. Porcelain tiles often are frost-proof and definitely frost resistant. Porcelain tile flooring does not absorb water quickly. This makes for a surface that does not stain easily and are a breeze to clean. Because of its porous nature, terracotta is prone to staining by oils and certain foods.


When you add terracotta to any room in your home you are bringing an element of the 'old world' warmth and welcoming. It can be truly beautiful. If you want the look of terracotta but want porcelain or ceramic tiles, come in and let us show you all the options that are available and how they might fit your budget.


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