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Hardwood Refinishing

Hardwood Refinishing Services


Do you want to bring your hardwood floors back to their original beauty? If so, consider choosing Atlas Floors Carpet One Floor & Home in San Antonio to refinish them for you! We can bring your dull, worn hardwood floors back to life by refinishing them using techniques that get rid of scratches and small dents, then applying a new stain and finish. By investing in this project, you can make your home look brand-new!


Hardwood Refinishing Process


There are a couple of different ways to refinish hardwood floors. The first is buffing, which involves a tool that doesn’t sand as deep as other methods. This technique works best if you have surface scratches and wear, rather than deep scratches and floors that need to be stained again. Once the floors are buffed, and the scratches are removed, we will add a water or oil-based finish to the surface.


Sanding and refinishing is a bit different and is best for removing scratches as well as old stain. A large sander is used to sand the hardwood down to its original wood species. Once this is done and the dust is cleaned, a new stain can be applied. The stain you choose does not have to be the same as the previous stain, which means you can get a completely different color and tone. After the stain is applied and dries, which can take several days, we can apply a finish. You can choose either a water-based finish or an oil finish, each which take time to dry. You will not be able to put furniture or rugs back on the newly refinished floors for several days to ensure that they are dry.


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