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Travertine Tile

When you watch any of the home decorating, flipping or other home shows on television they are always hyping travertine tiles. What makes travertine so popular? Is it just a fad?


One of the reasons is the pure good looks of this natural stone. While ceramic and vinyl tile can be purchased in an array of colors and styles, travertine has more of a beige background and a look all of its own. It has a pitted texture. If you have ever seen the gorgeous Roman baths, these were made from travertine. The Romans were known for their excellent and opulent taste.


You may ask if this expensive stone has pitted holes in it, isn't it hard to care for? Actually, before the tiles are ever installed the raw material is sanded, the holes filled, and you are left with a beautiful smooth surface.



Travertine has many advantages



Installers love travertine because unlike other tiles, this stone has perfectly straight edges and the tiles fit right next to each other. No little pegs need to be placed between them for grouting – because there is no grout needed!


There is the eco-friendly aspect of travertine. It is a material that lies somewhere between marble and limestone in terms of how many years it has taken to evolve. It comes from the earth and has very earthy tones. It is extremely durable. It is hypoallergenic and antimicrobial so it is free of allergens.


The proof is in all the travertine monuments and buildings that have been left standing for almost 2,000 years. You may not want your floors to last that long! You can use travertine tiles just about anywhere in the home. From the kitchen to the bathroom and foyer, it can be used on floors as well as walls and backsplashes. You can even use it for patios if you have the right sealer.


Is travertine more expensive than other types of tile or flooring? The answer is a definite yes. But there is a reason why. People who carpet their homes or use ceramic or vinyl tiles know they will be replacing the flooring within five years or so. Once travertine is down, it's down. It does not need to be replaced any time soon. Just ask the Romans.


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