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Marble Flooring

If, for some reason you do not think that marble is a durable flooring option, just find an ancient Roman or Greek and ask them about it. Marble tiles, floors and statues have stood for centuries. Marble is a natural resource that has been made over thousands of years by the compression of sandstone and sedimentary deposits of the bony exoskeletons of fish and crustaceans. There are quarries in most major countries around the world including the U.S. Marble is not quite as hard as granite, but it is a close second.


Marble is porous and needs to be sealed properly, and a good homeowner will have their marble resealed on a regular basis. If you have children – or guests – who spill something awful like wine or grape juice on an unsealed white marble floor, you will have that stain forever. It cannot be removed. So sealing is the keyword. This includes bathroom floors. If you drop a container of hair coloring or something benign as colored shampoo, it will stain the floor if it has not been sealed.



What colors can I expect?



Marble floor tiles can come in hundreds of colors and tones. The patterns that the marbling makes can be subtle or very dramatic. If there is just one word of warning to anyone thinking about having a marble foyer or floor installed and that is to always over-buy the amount of marble you need. Things can happen when it is being cut or laid. If you have to go back to your flooring store and purchase additional tiles, it could very well be that the colors will not be the same. In a quarry the color of a particular marble that is cut on Monday can be several shades off from a slab that was cut on Thursday.


This is how Mother Nature works. Each piece of marble is unique. If you have a room that was tiled five years ago you will never find the exact color and pattern again. You will find samples that are very close, but they will not be 100% identical.


When visitors walk into a room or entrance with a marble floor, they immediately think of wealth. Although marble was used centuries ago, a marble floor today looks sophisticated and contemporary.


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