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Choosing The Right Flooring

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Building for America's Bravest

Travis Green of San Antonio, a Gunnery Sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps, lost both of his legs above the knee due to injuries sustained while under fire in Afghanistan in 2011. He doesn’t let ...
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Remodeling the Master Bathroom with Emser Tile

The other day we had a nice couple walked in who wanted to redo their master bathroom. We overheard them discussing how they had been wanting to do this for some time now and it wasn't until the ...
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Ideas on carpeting a play room

Customers ask us whether or not they should carpet their children's playrooms any differently that the rest of the house. Since this is an area reserved for the hard knocks of children's play, ...
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Does my neutral carpeting have to be boring?

The simple answer to your question is absolutely not! But ask yourself why you are stuck on being totally neutral. Neutral does not have to be beige – there are many other lighter tones that are ...
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Why is marble a good flooring choice?

If, for some reason you do not think that marble is a durable flooring option, just find an ancient Roman or Greek and ask them about it. Marble tiles, floors and statues have stood for centuries. ...
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Can I get a modern look with traditional carpeting?

There is no style of decorating that cannot be achieved by carpeting your home or even one special room. Today's manufacturers offer lines that are specifically designed to help a homeowner or ...
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Are ceramic tiles worth the investment?

In the grand scheme of things ceramic tiles should not be considered expensive because you surely get what you pay for. With the right glaze for your purposes, ceramic tile can last for generations. ...
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Does carpet padding make a difference?

When many homeowners go to re-carpet their homes they pay attention to some 'old wives' tales'. There has been a rumor that has run amok for years that if you purchase cheap carpeting you ...
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Why has vinyl tile become so popular?

Homeowners who have not kept up with today's technology probably do not know that contemporary vinyl tiles are not even in the same ballpark as the vinyl of the 70's and 80's. Modern vinyl ...
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New Carpeting for reselling a home

Nothing can make a prospective home buyer turn and run out of the house faster than floors that are dirty, especially carpeting. While the home seller may believe that the new owner will choose to ...
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Get great ideas from your favorite flooring store

Not everyone is a professional decorator. More people buying new carpeting know little or nothing about the industry as those that do. You should never feel intimidated by asking questions or asking ...
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DIY Carpet Tiles make customized area rugs

You have been driving from store to store, mall to mall looking for the perfect area rug for your room. Perhaps the current flooring is hardwood, laminate or vinyl and you want to add some splash and ...
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Why is travertine tile so popular?

When you watch any of the home decorating, flipping or other home shows on television they are always hyping travertine tiles. What makes travertine so popular? Is it just a fad? One of the reasons is ...
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Is laminate flooring in the picture for your next holiday?

Christmas morning has come and gone. You have pictures and maybe video of all the disarray and carnage to your den or family room carpeting. It's almost like the Twelve Days of Christmas only with ...
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New Carpeting Trends

Anyone who lived during the 70's will remember the atrocious two-tone green, orange and gold shag carpeting. Wherever that trend originated there was no way to clean, fluff and make this carpeting ...
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Carpeting for those with allergies

Certain types of fibers in the manufacture of carpeting can bring out the sneezes, runny eyes and sometimes even asthma attacks. There are times when it is not the actual carpet fiber but the glues ...
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Give your home a Southwestern look with terracotta tiles

Give your home a Southwestern look with terracotta tiles For those who want to update their homes to have more of a Southwestern or Spanish Mission flavor, nothing does the trick quicker than ...
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Update the look of your foyer with Tile

There certainly are more homes in our area that are over 10 years old than there are newer homes. You can be sitting in your living room wishing you could do a complete redecoration but wishing will ...
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Cork makes wonderful wood flooring

You hear people talking about genuine wood floors and mention cork in the same sentence. You say to yourself, “Cork? That’s what they put in wine bottles!” That’s true; ...
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Outdoor Tile for your Patio

Are you thinking about redoing an outdoor space in your home? Give us a call for a free in-home estimate!
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Hunter Douglass Blinds for your home

Atlas Floors Carpet One doesn't just sell flooring items, we also specialize in the art of window dressing. Call us or visit to get more information on the beautiful blinds ...
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Bati Orient Colored Backsplash Tiles

Wonderful Bati Orient colored tiles that can really make any kitchen or shower pop!
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